Go Apps Now is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to have your own custom mobile app developed for an iPhone, Android or tablets.

It’s no secret that everyone is going mobile. Everywhere you look people are using iPhones, Androids and  smartphones in general to text, play games, check email, surf the internet, find directions and download apps. Up until now you probably never gave much thought to an app be it your business or perhaps a game. Most think that app development is very expensive, or maybe you don’t think your business needed one. Well, at Go Apps Now we can tailor work for your business around your budget and help debunk the misconceptions you might have. Let’s get your business mobile today and jump ahead of the competition.

We offer a variety of packages that can suit the needs of businesses with great  pride in creating clean, beautiful apps that can increase sales or customer interaction, reinforcement and user experience.

But why should businesses both small, mid-size and large have their own smartphone app? Research by financial services firm, Morgan Stanley, at the end of 2012 showed that, in 2012,  sales of smartphones are estimated to outstrip the combined sales of desktop PCs and laptops and that fact is true in different parts of the world. This brings a great opportunity for everyone to have their own Apps to bring new customers, clients or friends.

Mobile device applications are taking the mobile market by storm. The incredible success of the mobile app market is evidenced by the app store such as Google Play and the Apple App Store with over 1.5 billion app downloads in its first year alone. Mobile applications are now available across multiple app stores for all smartphones and Java-enabled phones.

Here at Go Apps Now, we build apps that make a difference for the individual user or the corporate team member in the New England area, as well as nationwide. Our apps provide valuable and meaningful services to the mobile user of today in categories such as law, hospitality, news, fitness, healthcare, entertainment and many other industries.

Mobile phone apps have a viral nature. People love to show and share the latest app they downloaded. The viral nature of Android and iPhone apps provides huge return for a small investment in Boston iPhone and Android app development. Imagine showing your customers and friends your own new app created specifically for your customers. That is a statement in how far your company is willing to go to improve customer experience.

Apple really set the tone for mobile apps with the iPhone and iPad. People who are avid Apple or Android fans don’t have any reservations about sharing information with business. They are happy to become part of your customer database in exchange for a trendy or helpful mobile phone app.

Our team of developers incorporates elements of graphic artwork and programming to create a mobile app that suits your goals. Our graphic design professionals are teamed with mobile phone applications developers to ensure that your users have a positive experience downloading and using your custom mobile phone app.